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Wagon R is the Best Selling CNG car in India!

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R S-CNG contributed to over 31% of the CNG cars sold in India for H1 FY2021. Among the 51,448 CNG cars sold; Wagon R sales was 16,167 units and it emerged as India’s No.1 selling CNG model.

Wagon R is incidentally India’s most fuel efficient factory fitted CNG car as well (Source). Wagon R CNG claims a mileage of 32.52 km/kg and is slightly higher to that of Alto (31.59 km/kg). It wouldn’t be wrong to say that CNG is the New Diesel for Maruti Suzuki. While Diesel has vanished from Maruti’s portfolio; it is now ramped up focus on selling CNG cars and is currently selling the option in 7 variants! Though the non-availability of CNG fuel stations in many cities/rural areas; space consuming CNG cylinder and lower performance of CNG cars still remain a concern- The low cost of running a CNG car and it being environment friendly is pushing sales for the models. Let us see the model wise Sales Performance of Company fitted CNG cars – 

  1. Wagon R constitutes to almost 1 out of every 3 CNG cars sold in India! The model is well accepted due its practicality, space and low running cost. It is equally famous in taxi segment and one can see slew of Wagon R CNG taxis running in Delhi or Mumbai. In Sep’20; The CNG variant of  WagonR had surpassed 3 Lakh units in overall sales!

  2. Maruti Ertiga CNG ranked second and almost 10,236 units were sold in the first 6 months of FY2021! Ertiga CNG too seems to have well accepted in the fleet segment and is a popular choice.

  3. Celerio CNG ranked third and 3.3k units short of the Ertiga.

  4. Overall 7 Maruti Suzuki models & 3 Hyundai models fared in the list. The best selling CNG car from the Hyundai’s stable was the Xcent/Aura. It ranked 6th in the overall table.

  5.  We shall now present an interesting comparision on how the CNG models contribute to the overall sales of the said models –RankOEMModelOverall SalesCNG Sales CNG %1MarutiWagon R53,03716,16730%2MarutiErtiga33,44710,23631%3MarutiCELERIO22,3466,93531%4MarutiEeco34,2565,69317%5MarutiDzire44,7122,8406%6HyundaiXcent/Aura10,3142,36723%7Hyundaii10 Grand33,2542,1336%8MarutiAlto55,1012,0894%9MarutiS-Presso21,5651,8579%10HyundaiSANTRO8,4501,13113%TOTAL3,16,48251,44816%

  6. Do note that the CNG variants contribution go all the way to 31% sales for the overall model volumes!

  7. As per the aforementioned stats – Ertiga, Celerio, Wagon R & Xcent/Aura CNG models have a higher contribution to the overall model sales and highlights the significance of the CNG variants.

PS: We have considered the sales of only Factory Fitted CNG models in this post.


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