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Which are the Highest-selling popular cars in China, Europe, UK & US?

The Toyota Corolla was the world’s largest selling car for many years now.

But this is not so anymore

However, Japanese Made cars continue to dominate the selling space.

While, in India, it is the Maruti Suzuki Swift. And interestingly, although priced much higher than the Alto, the volumes of the Swift are higher than the alto; and only growing very fast. The Dzire too is clogging numbers very close to the Swift and Alto.

In China, the largest selling car is the Nissan Slyphy Sedan – last year it was the Volkswagen Lavida.

In Europe, it is the Renault Clio that holds the prime position. feature-rich attributes and good engines make it a winner. The Volkswagen Golf is a close second; and threatening to overtake the Clio, any moment.

In the UK, the Ford Fiesta rules, driven by its performance and sporty looks.

In the US, the Ford-150 series of trucks, including the Rangers, are at the acme.

Americans love big cars, and Ford has a portfolio that meets this aspiration, is the reason why Ford rules.


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