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Xiaomi will now disrupt India’s e-scooter market!

Xiaomi, the leading player in mobile phones is planning to make an entry into the e-scooter and e-cycle space.

Ola, another player with no two-wheeler manufacturing experience, has already entered this space, with plans to disrupt the present status quo.

Ola Electric had announced recently of its plans to invest Rs.2,400 crore and setting up a manufacturing plant in Hosur. It plans to manufacture 10 million electric scooters per annum as it plans to disrupt the hold of the leaders of the old order Hero Moto Corp, Honda Motorcycles and Scooters, TVs, and Bajaj Auto.

Now with Xiaomi too entering the two-wheeler space, the market will see more disruption.

It appears that Xiaomi had filed an application to sell vehicles for transport including electric vehicles.

It is also gathered that the company has already completed testing of some of its electric scooters on the Indian roads.

Xiaomi could make an entry into the Chinese E-Car market, Chinese media reported. However, Xiaomi has denied any such plans for China, for now.

Xiaomi is already into selling e-scooters in China. The MI electric scooter Pro2 is one of the scooters being sold by the company in China.

The MI pro2 has a range of around 30km and a top speed of 24 kmph. There is also another scooter the MI essential with a maximum speed of 20 kmph and a range of 20 km after 1 charge.

In India too, more than 70% 0f the e-scooters are in the lower speed range ( < 25 kmph) of the total estimated market of 150000 pa.

The commuter e-scooters (45-48 kmph speeds) account for 26% of the market and the balance 4% are accounted for by the premium e-scooters brands including Athers Energy and Bajaj Auto, these scooters cost around Rs.1 Lac.

The City Commute e-scooters could be the game changers for the shift to the EV platform from the conventional ICE technology Two Wheelers.

Ola Electric, Hero Electric, and possibly Xiaomi too are targeting these ICE technology Two Wheelers.

Xiaomi is known for its value for money mobiles and a similar approach can be expected when it forays into the e-scooter space.


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