Petrol v/s Diesel Car Sales Data – H1 2018

Fuel mix H1 (January-June) – 2018

With diesel petrol price difference settling around ₹ 8.5, petrol powered vehicles have gained more traction in the H1 (January-June) of 2018 and constitute 61% of total sales.

Company wise fuel split

Vehicle size (length) distribution

As size increases gradually, diesel becomes the obvious choice as a fuel.

Body Style distribution

  • In 2020, when BS6 emission norms will come into force, diesel engine for hatchback seems to become a passé.
  • With quite a few introduction of moncoque UV/crossover, petrol penetration is gaining strength. Petrol mix will become stronger, if, Maruti brings in petrol powered Brezza and S-Cross.

Chassis distribution

For heavy ladder chassis, diesel is still a preferred fuel.

Petrol Engine size distribution

Well, data is highly skewed in favor of 1200 cc engine. India is small car country and lower tax rate (as a government policy) on petrol engine upto the size of 1200cc has made it the most sold engine.

Diesel Engine size distribution

With all diesel Maruti cars running on Fiat made engine, 1250cc engine skews the engine size distribution. Nevertheless, larger diesel engine are not going out of favor for the large UV any time soon (read-post 2020). However, post 2020, diesel engine component manufacturer might face strong headwind from shift in demand for petrol engine – it is time to diversify to mitigate risk.

All models

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5 thoughts to “Petrol v/s Diesel Car Sales Data – H1 2018”

  1. The biggest surprise is Tata , though traditionally diesel manufacturer has made a strong foothold with the latest petrol engines.Nexon is clearly the most selling UV if petrol only sales are considered.Good times are not far from Indian OEM

  2. There will be a significant further shift to petrol in 2020 when BSVI emissions requirements push up the cost of Diesel vehicles and also manufacturers drop some small Diesel models completely.

    The Ignis ratio jumps out for me, it has a perfectly competent Diesel which sells well in other Maruti models (both bigger and smaller) but it’s good that the Petrol engine which suits the ‘character’ of the car (in my opinion) so much better dominates.

    1. Not just that, even Team BHP i think – i assume that this website does lot of work and posts once in a while – it will be if the same watermarked. So that hard work is not copied elsewhere.

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