30 Best Selling Models of 2018

  • Maruti is firmly holding the top 6 slots
  • Lower priced hatchbacks are getting replaced by higher value cars. Consumers are now more value conscious rather than price conscious
  • Mahindra, Honda, Renault and Datsun are losing share among best sellers in India
  • Tata’s product onslaught and acceptance in market has put Mahindra on back foot

(The article is written by Rohan Rishi. You can connect with him at emailrohanrishi@gmail.com)

One thought to “30 Best Selling Models of 2018”

  1. Very good information on yearly trends. Many things might change soon after the ABS rules from April 2019. Tata will have no product sub 4 Lakh considering Nano may not get ABS and rear parking sensors. Maruti might get away with one Alto just below 4 Lakh. Renault and Datsun should come up with new Kwid and Redi-Go. Diesel hatches are all priced very high with growing displeasure in taxi segment. Market is moving close to Europe and USA in Pricing. At the same time, more manufacturers might dump their ICE models from Europe to India as the electric cars are catching up fast there with no chance of recovery for research funded on diesel models.

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