Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – April 2018

OEMwise Sales Data (Source: AutocarPro)

Model-wise Sales Figures –

Top 10 selling Scooters:

Top 10 selling Motorcycles:

2 thoughts to “Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – April 2018”

  1. I seriously don’t understand why the Enfields are selling so much in the market as 80% of the online reviews are against them. The reason for my question is because I am looking to buy a bike and I have (or rather my father) my eyes on Thunderbird 350. I would have bought it by now but due to so much negative reviews I am little bit scared.
    Are Enfields overly criticized by people or are they truly junk as said by those 80% reviews ?

    1. If you are looking to buy a bike with a performance, good looks, quality stuff then Enfield is not the one but if you are die hard fan of RE and are okay with average performance, looks and quality then RE should be the choice.

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