Indian Car Sales Figures – April 2018

Let’s look at the modelwise analysis here:

Top 25 selling models of April 2018 –

Top Selling Hatchbacks (entry & mid level) –

Top Selling Premium Hatches –

Top Selling Compact Sedans –

Top Selling Sedans –

Top Selling Compact SUVs –

Top Selling MUVs –

27 thoughts to “Indian Car Sales Figures – April 2018”

  1. टाटा ओर महिंद्रा को ऊपर जाते देख खुशी होती है। सभी भारत वासियों को भारत की कॉम्पनियों की ही कारे और चीजें खरीदनी चाहिए।

  2. Pretty happy with the initial Freestyle numbers, 1200 units in 5 days. Nexon as usual doing wonders for Tata. Ecosport’s steep decline is worrisome, regular price hikes to blame? Yaris looking good. The Captur is as good as DEAD!

      1. Not an SUV, a crossover. Unibody utility vehicles aren’t SUVs but crossovers. It’s a very common misconception that we Indians have (and I also don’t know why manufacturers call them “compact SUVs/SUVs) 😑

      2. last time i checked…scross was 4.3m long. ..SO Y IS SCROSS IN THAT LIST IF CRETA IS NOT IN THAT LIST.. CRETA IS NO SUV ..ITS SHAPE IS ONLY PSEUDO SUV….

    1. becoz compact suv means sub 4 meter car and creta is more than 4 meter in is 4.2 meters..thats y it is not included in compact suv list

    2. I agree, S-Cross and Creta are direct competitors, either both or neither should be in the compact SUV category. Both 4.3m long, 1.8m wide and 1.6m high, even the wheelbase is pretty much identical at 2.6m and the pricing is similar at the entry point. the only real difference is that the Creta has engines better suited to its size and weight while the S-Cross underwhelms with the familiar Fiat 1.25L

    1. The Compact Sedan segment is struggling right now. Both Tigor & Zest haven’t performed as expected. Also people are wary to spend additional bucks on a sedan when the hatchback avatar is available much cheaper. (Ex: Tiago is selling in good numbers, while Tigor is struggling).

  3. Maruti had launched mid size SUV GRAND VITARA many years back.its was an amazing vehicle but flopped bcoz it was ahead of its time.Now, when its raining SUVs.. and Creta,XUV500,Scorpio,Compass are selling like hot cakes… i really wonder why maruti is not relaunching Vitara Again… And the biggest irony is they are already selling This model in various other countries.
    Being the worst in terms of power and acceleration… just bcoz vitara brezza is from maruti its doing great numbers

  4. Mahindra really needs to do something about the designing department… worst pathetic looking vehicles seems to be mahindra’s new symbol.Xylo, scorpio,bolero, nuvosport,TUV300,KUV100… all are pathetic looking similarly designed doubt its new cars are flops XUV500 being an exception

  5. I am really enthusiastic about TATA motors.Hexa,Nexon, Tiago are really good cars better than their competition. Especially Nexon is a very different and fresh looking design and the cherry on the cake is its really really amazing engine.moreover the have lined up really good vehicles for the near being baleno challenger and the other is creta/XUV challenger.If they are able to gain customer’s confidence(i know many people who didn’t brought Nexon and Hexa just bcoz its from TATA and they are unsure about the durability and efficiency of their cars in the long run) than tata will be in neck to neck fight with Hyundai for 2nd position in indian car market in 2021.

  6. I really wonder why didn’t mahindra launched TIVOLI in india when it could be launched in nepal 😒

    1. i20 Activa, Cross Polo, Liva Cross numbers are separately not added as the sales volumes are miniscule. Indian consumers do not want a beefed up hatch, rather want a properly compact SUV. We recommend you to opt for either an Ecosport/Brezza/WRV is compact SUV is in your mind.

      1. Thank you admin for your swift response. Any idea about launch of petrol variant Brezza in near future?

  7. What is the future of tigor as i am thinking for new car.. DZIRE.. ( don’t like its look). Exent and Honda amage are running as a taxi.. Pl. Give your openion about tigor petrol xz.

    1. Tigor will also run as Taxi sooner than later. It’s a decent car at low price. Obviously invitation to commercial vehicle owners.

  8. I am shocked to see Renault persisting with Captur’s pricing even after 6 back to back months of disaster. 188 units sold across the country in 1 month? Shame on Renault. Total sales havent crossed 3000 yet and they are competing with Creta that sells over 6000 each month.

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on building this amazing site. It’s very difficult to come across data in this industry. So great work there

    Also would it be possible for you to help me with Annual sales data for Dzire, Alto, Nano, Kwid etc for last 3-4 years.


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