4 thoughts to “Indian Car Sales Figures – July 2018”

  1. Toyota getting their “reliability” “trust” ass kicked! Don’t get me wrong, a good commuter and ++ for safety kits but wayyy overpriced. I guess that’s what overconfidence does to you..

    1. Toyota is just laughing at those 2000 odd people who took the yaris as they know very well a Toyota will sell no matter what the price is, also it should be noted that the Yaris is not a bad car, its any day a safe and smart car, specially since it might be the only car that will score NCAP 4+ stars even in base trim

  2. Finally improvement in the sales figures of Captur. It definitely deserves to see at least 1000 units being sold a month. Thanks to some offers they gave. Couple of additional features and reduced pricing would see the car do wonders.

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