Indian Car Sales Figures – June 2018

Let’s look at the modelwise analysis here:

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  1. The Mustang sold more than the Nano! Wonder why is Tata still producing that disappointment? People will say the Nexon is the hero for Tata but I say just look at the Tiago numbers since it’s launch, it well truly deserves it! Nexon, Tigor, Hexa are decent.

    Freestyle is a prime example that “If it ain’t a Maruti badge, it won’t sell”. It’s really sad to see good cars not getting the sales they deserve. Hope it continues to sell around 3K or more copies/month. Ecosport as usual maintaining it’s healthy run. Endeavour, pretty good numbers for a 30+Lakh vehicle. Asipre, Figo holding on to dear life, saved by discounts 😉

    Yaris… well I guess overconfidence and overpricing isn’t helping Toyota India. A shame because the car is top notch, the pricing isn’t.

    City is not the bestseller for Honda now, the Amaze is. WRV, well I guess the sunroof magic faded away so did it’s sales. City facing the heat from the better and superior Verna.

    Maruti Suzuki, well as usual story from the “government motor comapany”. The only car I like from it’s stable is the S-cross for usual reasons and surprisingly this isn’t selling much! Goes on to show buyer’s priorities.

    Creta breaking the myth that “over 10+Lakh cars don’t sell much in India”. Verna right now is the better choice in the entry level sedan segment so people are rewarding it with it’s sales.

    For FCA the Fiat brand in India is dead as it looks, the Jeep brand has much potential and the recent announcements are sweet too.

    Other carmakers, MEH.

    1. Seriously this is most disappointing, the Freestyle is absolutely brilliant car, whether be it petrol or diesel and this time we cant blame Fords advertising division too which usually is lack luster , they advertised it well, gave it all necessary features, priced it extremely well and yet !!
      Shows how pathetic Indian car buyers priorities are , I am sure the sales would have been 10,000 odd if it had a Maruti badge on it with some stupid fancy DRLs and different looking dash board.

      I too agree on Tatas side, the best product from Tata is Tiago, not the Nexon, sure Nexon is a good product, but still not as flawless as Tiago is, between Ecosport and Nexon, its a good toss, either way customers will be happy, but despite this sad to see Maruti clocking 10,000+ for Brezza is again disappointing

  2. Seeing all these numbers, Suzuki is leading overall segments. Sad about very good cars like Hyundai grand i10, Ford figo, Renault kwid in their respective fields.
    Only Toyota innova, tata tiago, nexon, Hyundai creta and Honda amaze, etc. are few brands which are competing maruti. They have best features with value for money.
    We can’t change the scenario. But should try for better variety products.

  3. Maruti’s strength is service and the number of outlets it is having in tier 2 cities… Also the unmatching fuel efficiency it has across all models compared to its competitors…. It is really sad to see some of the good products not getting numbers as expected… Let all brands reach out to tier 2 urban cities and leave their negligence in providing service this segment… Tiago is a benchmark product to learn in this regard for other brands

    1. @Vijay
      1. The number of sales and service outlet we see today for Maruti didnt come within 2 or 3 years, Maruti has been in India since 70s, Tata became active car maker in India by early 90s, Hyundai,Ford,Skoda,Honda too came to India more or less on same time, but difference was Skoda,Ford tried to be premium brands in India, but that was a big mistake, India didnt grow in the pace these brands expected India to grow, Indias growth was too slow that more customers demanded kitna deti hai cars way more than authentic safe, technologically brilliant cars , add to it Ford had an economic recession between 2000-2006 the brand almost died, somehow they got back to India with Fiesta, by 2010 a Figo and 2013 Ecosport, just 3 products in past 25 years that made profit, so global Ford,isnt ready to Invest in India because they are still uncertain of Indian customer, see how good Freestyle is despite this only 2500 odd sales means , in what surety will a new business man invest in a Ford dealership ? If he/she invest in a Hyundai or Maruti which people believe to be superior cars, he/she is sure to get profit because people will buy even a bullock cart if it has a Maruti badge on it and a mileage sticker of above 20 kmpl.
      2. Fuel efficiency, I dont think Marutis fuel efficiency is because they are better, in fact, any one can make a car light like crazy and get good fuel economy numbers, its just that brands like VW,Ford,Tata, etc believe not just in fuel economy numbers but more on safety, robust chassis, technology etc more.

  4. Dear Gourav Ji

    You are doing great Work and showing the exact figures.

    If poisble can you please share this file in excel formate on my email.

  5. I was expecting Toyota to have discontinued Etios after the launch of much awaited Yaris. But they didn’t, unlike in 2005, when they discontinued Qualis after the launch of Innova.

    One can always argue that Etios do have a market demand from fleet operators, but so was for the Qualis and previous generation of the Innova. Taxi operators in many metros still prefer to have Etios because it has necessary attributes like – generous in-cabin and boot space, reliability, low maintenance cost somewhat similar to Tata Indica except the quality and reliability part.

    With Etios, Toyota seems to have made Tata Nano of sedan world (single front windshield wiper, unconventional center meter cluster etc) to compete against the then Mahindra-Renault Logan, instead of segment benchmark Honda City.

    After driving Yaris, City and Verna back to back, Yaris seems to be exorbitantly overpriced. It doesn’t feel special in company, even touchscreen AVN system feels like an aftermarket addition that too not from reputed manufacturer. Toyota seems to be largely banking on its core strength like reliability, comfort and new card of safety. Let us see where it will lead too.

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