Indian Car Sales Figures – June 2019

Modelwise Car Sales Figures for June’19 –

Top 25 Selling Cars of June’19 –

Segment Wise Sales Data – 

1. Entry Hatchback Segment:

2. Compact Hatchback Segment:

3. Premium Hatchback Segment:

4. Compact Sedan Segment:

5. Executive Sedan Segment:

6. Premium Sedan Segment:

7. Luxury Sedan Segment:

8. Compact SUV Segment:

9. Mid-SUV Segment:

10. Premium SUV Segment:

11. Lifestyle Offroader Segment:

12. MUV Segment:

13. Van Segment:

8 thoughts to “Indian Car Sales Figures – June 2019”

  1. Why Honda BRV is not considered in MUV segment? Its name is not appearing in this segment as well as any other segment for past few months. In fact its volumes are better than likes of Renault Lodgy, Nissan Go+ and Nissan Terrano and equivalent to Tata Hexa.

  2. Dear Team,

    Can we get state-wise report report for Toyota Fortuner? Curious to know where it is selling like hotcake.

  3. Dear Autopunditz,

    You guys are doing an amazing job by providing factual insights on the Indian auto market. Keep it up!
    I am looking for variant wise sales in for the Indian PV market for some personal analysis. If you have come across similar data, request to kindly provide any leads.

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