Indian Car Sales Figures – September 2019

OEM-wise Sales Snapshot –

Modelwise Car Sales Figures for Sep’19 –

Top 25 Selling Cars of September 2019 –

Segment Wise Sales Data – 

1. Entry Hatchback Segment:

2. Compact Hatchback Segment:

3. Premium Hatchback Segment:

4. Compact Sedan Segment:

5. Executive Sedan Segment:

6. Premium Sedan Segment:

7. Luxury Sedan Segment:

8. Compact SUV Segment:

9. Mid-SUV Segment:

10. Premium SUV Segment:

11. MUV Segment:

12. Van Segment:

13. Lifestyle Off-roader Segment:

4 thoughts to “Indian Car Sales Figures – September 2019”

  1. I ‘m curious the reason that S-Presso is divided into Entry Hatchback Segment,because even Maruti regards it as Mini SUV.

    1. Just because Maruti considers it a Mini SUV dozen’t make it a SUV does it ? Maruti even might consider the S-Cross to be a cross over when actually it’s a big hatch on steroids nothing else, do we classify it under Premium SUV then ?

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