Luxury Car Sales – 2018

  • The Luxury Car Sales too had a tough time in 2018 and 2 biggies – Audi & Mercedes reported a negative and stagnant growth respectively. The overall industry could grow a modest 3% in 2018 vs 2017.
  • Mercedes-Benz retains the No.1 position for the year 2018. However; the YoY was growth was stagnant and couldn’t gain any significant increase in volumes during 2018.
  • BMW+Mini had an impressive 2018 and grew 13% which was the highest growth reported in the Top 3 OEMs. BMW is currently on a product offensive and has a lineup of 12 launches in 2019 as well. Hope the German OEM gives a tough competition to its other German counterpart (Mercedes).
  • Volvo has given not only safe; but beautiful cars as well recently. XC40, XC90, V40 cross, S60; etc – The lineup is now comprehensive and is well accepted in terms of looks and features. The Chinese owned (Geely) brand is slowly and steadily gaining volumes.
  • Tata owned JLR too did a moderate 16% growth and was only 404 units short of 5k.

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  1. Good to see the growth in millionaires in India reflecting on the luxury segment. Price display on the websites is something all these companies should start. There is no shame in asking the price of a luxury product. Mercedes has huge potential with upcoming A-class sedan if priced around 25-35 L band. They could do some real volumes by attracting youth if priced on the lower side of the band. BMW has huge potential with 2 series Grand tourer if they bring it to the Indian market to offer an affordable 7 seater for luxury taxi segment and family segment. Pricing is key though there are a lot of discounts at the dealer level. Many buyers do not know the actual price and assume that these brands are out of their league.

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