March 2019 Car Sales – Snapshot

The Passenger Car Sales degrew -2.8% in Mar’19 v/s Mar’18. Due to muted demand and weak consumer sentiment; the Industry is under consistent pressure and last few months have been very challenging. All OEMs are now gearing up to meet the upcoming BS-6 regulations and CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) norms. The slowdown is expected to continue this Financial Year and Apr’19 – May’19 is going to be even more challenging citing the upcoming general elections.

Let’s see how the OEMs fared in Mar’19 –

  • Apart from Mahindra, Honda & Toyota; all OEMs saw a YoY decline in the sales. The biggest decline was seen for Nissan+Datsun which registered the drop of -41% YoY!
  • Maruti Suzuki reported a flat percent increase in its domestic sales at 1,18,515 units in Mar’19 v/s 1,18,842 cars sold in Mar’18.
  • Nexa seems to be struggling while it reported a -6% degrowth in YoY sales. Even with the launch of New Baleno; Nexa wasn’t able to recover the volumes and post a positive growth.
  • Hyundai degrew -8% in Mar’19 v/s the same period last year. Even post Santro launch; Hyundai hasn’t gained significant numbers.

How the Market Shares figures for Mar’19 –

11 thoughts to “March 2019 Car Sales – Snapshot”

  1. Need corrections.

    Market share difference for Mahindra is 0.6% not 0.7% ,
    for Toyota it is 0.3% not 0.2%,
    for Maruti it is 1.1% not 1%,
    for Datsun MS difference is 0.6% and for Datsun+Nissan it is 0.6%, March 2018 MS for Nissan+Datsun is 1.6% not 1.7%.

    1. Hi Prasanth. Thanks for highlighting.

      The calculations is excel based and is taken on 2 decimal difference. Ex: Mahindra’s Mar’19 MS is 9.05% & Mar’18 MS is 8.39% – the difference is 0.66% (rounded off to 0.7%).

  2. Interesting to see Honda push 2300 copies of Civic and still hover at Rank 5. The plant can churn out 20k vehicles a month but have utilized around 60-70% of that capacity. This means the regular demand of WRV+Amaze+City was at 15k. I am assuming Amaze to be the prime driver. That is some improvement in Amaze market share.

  3. Given that the numbers are OEM shipments to dealers, non-ABS cars and base variants would have caused the negative growth than the market demand. Maruti Alto is not yet updated to ABS and it is counting on the loophole of the date of manufacturing before April 1 (to sell non-ABS) to move the stocks at dealers for the month of April. Many informed customers would postpone a car purchase until October for better structural build quality or next April for BS-VI engine. Datsun redigo and Renault kwid are on-time for ABS update and not increasing the price by a lot. All the base models price increased with these updates and many buyers in that segment postpone their purchases.

  4. Why are you so much time posting the manufacturer wise sales figures you have the figures with you from 2 nd march this new pattern of posting is ok but atleast make it fast there are so many cars whose sales figures we eagerly waiting for not interested in luxury car market potential or dominar launch those things we get at other places as well,your uniqueness is providing sales figures stick to it please

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