State-wise Car Sales Statistics – FY17

We have been closely tracking the state-wise car statistics in past 1 year. You can find the previous posts on the topic here and here. Indian demographics have always amazed us and the trend is very volatile. The same is seen in the statewise sales data as well. Ex: Kerala was the No.2 state in terms of Passenger vehicle sales in the first half of FY17, fell to No.5 position for the entire year. The other startling fact to be reiterated here is Maharashtra as a state alone sells more than 13 states in East Zone! Also there is no state from South Zone in the Top 3 states of FY17 (while South Zone is the second best zone in terms of numbers)! Also to be noted here is the volumes of Delhi market (without NCR sales) is over 2 Lakh units in previous FY.

The intent of this post is to highlight the contribution of individual states in overall passenger car sales and how seasonality effects sales in various regions of the sub-continent. A look at the Top Selling States for Apr’16-Mar’17 period:

Do find the Quarter-wise analysis here:

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  1. Please change heading of quarterly sales analysis total to “April 16 – March 17” instead of Apr 16 – Dec 16

  2. Kerala is doing an extraordinary ordinary performance over a long period of time in every field , making an attempt to be the finest state in India. Their growth is undoubtedly commendable..”

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing this interesting data. I’m looking for city-wise or district-wise or at-least state-wise and model-wise car sales for 2017 and 2018. It would be really helpful if you could share that data.

    Thanks again

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