Indian Car Sales Figures – October 2020

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List of Top 25 selling Cars in India for October 2020 –

4 thoughts to “Indian Car Sales Figures – October 2020”

  1. I don’t know about logic of Maruti Suzuki s-presso having double in no. than kwid. Was look, performance and economic points, kwid is better. This is really dominant policy of Maruti Suzuki.
    If kwid was it’s product, really it would have made records.
    I am a four year old happy kwid owner.

    1. I understand your concern. Kwid was launched to best Alto but it could dent its market share. Look what happened to Duster, it’s nowhere in the picture. Renault is only surviving on Triber and Kwid. Nissan it’s technical partner has failed very badly on Go series of cars. You will not be surprised if Nissan withdraws from Indian market if Magnite fails to sell like Sonet.

    2. It is dominant you can’t say, but it is not a policy per-se. it is the reliability, trust and the goodwill that the company has generated over the years. Be it the after market sale and the availability of spare-parts and ease of servicing. Maruti suzuki cars have never disappointed. I myself own a mahindra and a Tata vehicle, but i’m quite disappointed by them both.

  2. It is surprising that the creta has supported Hyundai sales to such an extent. Apparently the complaints regarding it’s faulty brake system has failed to deter the customers

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