Kia Motors India – 0 to over a Lakh in just 12 months!

Kia Motors India sold over 1 Lakh units in the Indian Market in just 12 months! It was largely attributed by the success of its Mid SUV Seltos which contributed to over 96% of the volumes.

Kia is one of the fastest OEM in India to cross 1 Lakh unit sales. It achieved this feat in an astonishing 12 months. Do note that Kia was able to reach the landmark even with a month where it reported ZERO sales (Apr’20). Just to highlight the importance of this achievement; we shall showcase the time taken for other OEMs to cross 1 Lakh unit sales in India –

  • Toyota India took 45 months to cross 1 Lakh sales
  • Ford India crossed 1 Lakh sales in the sub-continent in 63 months!
  • Volkswagen India achieved >1 Lakh unit sales in 50 months
  • Honda Cars India first lakh units sales came after 81 months
  • Skoda India surpassed 1 Lakh unit sales in 109 months
  • Renault India achieved 1 Lakh units sales in 31 months

Apart from the aforementioned OEMs; Maruti Suzuki’s Nexa channel had crossed 1 Lakh units sales in just 7 months! However; it had the backing of both Maruti Suzuki & existing MS dealers.

The sales trend of Kia Motors India’s models –

Kia Motors India
Month Seltos Carnival Sales
Aug’19 6236 6236
Sep’19 7754 7754
Oct’19 12854 12854
Nov’19 14005 14005
Dec’19 4645 4645
Jan’20 15000 450 15450
Feb’20 14024 1620 15644
Mar’20 7466 1117 8583
Apr’20 0 0 0
May’20 1611 50 1661
June’20 7114 161 7275
July’20 8270 232 8502
TOTAL 98,979 3,630 1,02,609
  • Kia sold 1,02,609 in the past 12 months with an average of 8,550 units per month.
  • Seltos was the blockbuster model from Kia and sold an impressive 98,979 units in the said timeframe. It is also set to cross 1 Lakh unit sales in Aug’20!
  • Carnival managed to sell 3,630 in the past 7 months with an average of 518 units/month. The model is Kia’s flagship brand in the Indian market.

Kia will jump to the next level with its upcoming Sonet and aims to achieve next 1 lakh units even faster. It shall be interesting to see how the OEM progresses ahead.

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