Isuzu Motors Sales Statistics in India

Isuzu has sold over 13,500 vehicles till date in India! Isuzu Motors India Private Limited was established in August 2012 in India having its headquarters in Chennai and the manufacturing facility was later built in Sricity, Chittoor District (Andhra Pradesh). However; the products were rolled out from the year 2015 and the company has been slowly gaining hold in the Indian sub-continent.

Isuzu currently sells a range of Isuzu D-Max pick-up trucks that includes variants like Regular Cab Flat Deck and S-CAB. D-Max also has a V-Cross avatar which is India’s first adventure utility vehicle and has been positioned as a lifestyle pick-up. Let’s see the Historical Sales Statistics of D-Max models –

  • Isuzu has sold an average of 411 units/month of D-Max + V-Cross in 2018. The sales of D-Max portfolio grew by 51% in 2018 v/s 2017. Isuzu is steadily increasing its dealer network and the effort is slowly visible in the sales volume.
  • 11,626 units of D-Max vehicles sold between Jan 2015 to Dec 2018.
  • Isuzu is pitching hard to promote D-Max and currently offering ‘D-Serve’ package at no additional cost for Regular Cab variants till March 31, 2019. The package provides Free Periodic Maintenance for 3 years / 100,000 kms (whichever is earlier) – includes PMS parts, lubricants, related labour costs and certain wear & tear items. This shall help the OEM gain trust among the customers who would be buying an Isuzu product for the first time and ensure that the Cost of Ownership is low.

Isuzu also sells the MU-X, a large sized Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) in automatic transmission in India. The dispatches of MU-X started from May 2017 and has overall sold 1,751 units till December 2018 (almost equivalent to Fortuner’s monthly volumes). Let’s see the Historical Sales Statistics of MU-X –

  • Isuzu has sold an average of 79 units/month of MU-X in 2018. The sales of MU-X has not been as expected and the acceptance levels has been pretty low as well.

Both D-Max & MUX vehicle models are available through Isuzu’s exclusive dealer outlets. The company has currently dedicated dealer touch-points, located in 44 locations across the country. Considering 2018 volumes (Total 5886 units); Each Dealer outlet would be selling an average of 11 units/month which considerably low. The volumes need to substantially increase to enhance both market share & dealer viability in the coming time.

2 thoughts to “Isuzu Motors Sales Statistics in India”

  1. Isuzu D-Max VCross is a nice product. It is a shame that Isuzu does not offer all the features of MU-X Australia in India, even though the pricing is similar. Looks like some marketing management is acting cheap in India to target either extra margin and give up features. With the current charges for ambassadors promoting products, there is no need in this generation to have a brand ambassador for products like cars. Let the Tech offering on the car speak for itself. ISUZU signing Jonty Rhodes and Datsun signing Amir Khan are just waste of money and could have just been used for the product features.

  2. Isuzu cannot afford to price its SUV in the same range as Toyota fortuner or Ford Endeavour. Toyota and Ford have better sales network, better resale and trust of the people in India and moreoever Isuzu is not known to build cars that are better than Toyota or Ford so pricing themselves in the same range will not help with achieving the sales target.

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