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10 Tips that can Improve Mileage

Sharing with the reader a few simple tips to get optimum fuel efficiency for your car.

1. Keep the Pressure on your Tyre.

Always ensure optimal tyre pressure in your tyres. Reduced tyre pressure means there is increased contact area between the tyre and the road, increase of friction between the rubber of the tyre and the road increases ... all this finally resulting in higher fuel consumption. Please note that Over-inflated tyres will mean a lower consumption, but it will come at the cost of road grip and the tyres’ ability to disperse water on the road. Always inflate as per the manufacturer's recommended levels. Ideally, one should check the tyres for pressure once a week regularly.

2. Operate the Controls smoothly

Do not overuse the accelerator and brake pedals. Sudden acceleration and sudden braking affect fuel efficiency negatively.

3. Try to consolidate trips.

Two short trips will consume more fuel than one trip which is slightly longer. This is so as every time you crank your car, the fuel efficiency suffers.

4. Keep Windows Shut.

Try to keep windows shut, especially during high speeds. Party Open windows, at high speeds, can impact fuel efficiency negatively due to increased drag. contrary to popular notion, you will have a better fuel efficiency with the windows up and the air conditioner turned on.

5. Top Gear gives Top Fuel Efficiency.

Try to Shift to the highest possible gear without the engine knocking.

More fuel is consumed at lower gears when accelerating. You could shift down instead of pressing the throttle if the engine's not pulling.

6. Lighter Cars give better Fuel efficiency

Try to keep your car light.

Try to remove the features used sparingly, say, child safety seat and the like.

Keep the boot empty and clean. Don't overload with redundant luggage.

7. Idling is bad for fuel efficiency too.

An idling car burns fuel without moving.

Simply switch the engine off, when waiting long for the signal or someone.

Measure your fuel efficiency regularly by using your trip meter. Better still explore the possibility of installing an Auto Start-Stop technology.

8. Keep the Filters clean.

Always keep your air filter and oil filters clean. Periodically service your engine as per the schedule defined.

9. Plan your route

It is wise to plan your route to ensure your trip has minimal obstacles including Traffic signals and more congestion areas.

The timing of the trip too could be done: to avoid rush hours..

10. Let your Car be at Rest while you take a walk

Your Car does not have to everywhere where you want to go. If you don't need to drive … don't drive!

It is always wise to park your car at a lesser crowded place when visiting congested areas like a market or fair.

Sharing with the reader a few simple tips to get optimum fuel efficiency for your car.


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