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25.49 KMPL is India's Most Fuel-efficient car. Top 10 most fuel-efficient cars of India FY 2021

Auto Pundtiz, has been engaging with you on a segment-wise basis in terms of the most fuel-efficient cars.

Now, we present a compiled list of all segments together in one article.

The broad segments of the Indian car Industry to discuss fuel efficiency are :

#) Premium SUV

#) SUV

#) Premium hatchback

#) Sub Four meter Sedan.

#) Compact SUV

#) Sedan

#) Hatch Back

#) Premium Sedan

The cars are arranged in the descending order of their mileage. The most fuel-efficient cars are arranged first and the rankings move so on...

#) The most fuel-efficient car in India is the Hyundai i10 Grand NIOS which 25.49 KMPL.

#) Toyota Camry is the most efficient fuel-efficient Premium Sedan.

#) Hyundai Verna is the most fuel-efficient Sedan.

#) I20 and Creta from Hyundai are the most fuel-efficient premium hatchbacks and SUV.

#) Citroen makes itself a USP by having the first car as the most fuel-efficient car in the segment.


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