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Amazingly Amaze!

With the low sentiments in industry, there comes in a catalyst to galvanize fortunes for the Japanese car maker and certainly will effect auto industry in a good way. Honda entered the Indian auto market way back in 1998 and since then we have liked almost every single offering from them. Ain’t we? We rely on the Honda brand certainly because of its benchmark petrol engine and the prestige it gets along.

Now it’s time for Honda to love us back (The brio concept) and amaze us with its diesel offering. Since past few weeks Honda amaze is the buzz of the town. Looking at the exterior of the car in the first place itself you like it because of its congruous proportions. It makes you believe that it’s a sedan, not a boot attached with a hatchback. The front chrome grill distinguishes it from the brio and fog lamp sculpture on the bumper makes it look wide. The chisel streak on the side gives it some character and at the back tail lamps gives a hint of derivation from Honda city. As you step inside interiors are taken straight from brio without any tweaks, which is a bit of let down. The real differences when you sit behind you never get a feeling that you are in a sub 4 meter saloon. Be it under thigh support or head room it’s the best in the class. And 400lt boot again impresses you with space Honda has carved in with its proportionate designing.

Under the bonnet is the 1.5litre diesel engine which is a result of Honda’s Earth dreams Technology. It churns out 98bhp and 200NM of torque and above all it gets pretty friendly on your pocket with 25.8km/lt of fuel. As the commercial says you are eating chips and are not getting fat. Right on the money, you get the power and the mileage both best in the segment. Honda uses very special engine oil called 3D engine oil and honestly we don’t have much to say about it since they are Japanese.

Now when you drive the car it is smooth as expected, comfortable but not quite as expected. And the surprising part is when you turn ignition off the car shakes violently which remains a concern. It’s these small bits that effects a great deal. Since Honda has got almost everything right. Now with aggressive pricing for a product like this, it is bound to keep Honda busy running on full capacity and its showrooms crowded for a while. Moreover it will make other car makers busy either trying to justify their counter parts or developing strategy for the new ones.

The entry level sedan from Honda’s stable which would “Badlegi Honda ki Duniya!”. The much awaited FIRST diesel offering from the Japanese major has put Honda back into the race and has left nothing to Desire J

(Author – Anshul Chawla – Is an automobile enthusiast who love and live cars! Can be ignited at


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