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ARAI Mileage Figures – Hatchback Segment

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

We have compiled a list of mileage figures of hatchback on sale in India. These figures are published on internet portals as provided by the vehicle research agency – Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).  These values are outcome of mileage test conducted on a chassis dynamometer under standard condition and not on  real road. Real-world test figures might vary based on driving condition and style, however, as all the vehicles are tested under similar condition, figures are good enough for sake of comparison.

In essence, companies which have got the Hindi colloquial phrase “Kitna deti hai?” (What’s the mileage?) right, have won half the game of pursuing consumer’s mind to buy their product, especially in budget conscious hatchback segment.

  1. AMT technology has not only made owning automatic more affordable but are equally fuel efficient

  2. Some cars having CVT or DSG transmission technology are more fuel efficient than their manual counterpart

  3. High compression ratio makes diesel engine more fuel efficient, but car comes at a price premium

  4. CNG is best bet to save money if one is living in a city which has good network of CNG filling station


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