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Automotive companies and their component supplier surge to stand the cost of the vaccine

The Automotive companies along with their component suppliers are ready to take the cost of vaccinations that is necessary to fight the infection of COVID19 for their employees and their close family. This decision is concerning the government’s announcement to permit private hospitals for vaccinating eligible citizens.

One of the Global manufacturers of the auto component, Schaeffler India, had declared on Friday that it would bear the vaccination cost of the employees that come in the eligibility bar. The company has announced the reimbursement of the cost of two mandate doses for all the employees that become entitled.

And following the trend, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India and TVS Motors Company had professed similar propositions for their employees. MD of SAVWIP, Gurpratap Boparai, also shared analogous beliefs on the vaccination of the employees and the family members who depend on them. He said that the health, wellbeing, and safety of the personnel and their close family members are most significant to the company and thus they would bear the cost of the COVID 19 vaccination for them.


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