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Best Mileage Cars of India – 2018

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

ARAI mileage of UV & Sedan

To present the data we tried a different approach. We took length as proxy for in-cabin space and stacked the models length-wise, distinct product segments became quite apparent in most of the cases. So we deduced a fuel (transmission) – length (band) matrix to present the data. If this assumption (length  in-cabin space) doesn’t hold true for any product then perhaps designers and engineers need to do a better job, think of the term clever engineering.

Utility Vehicles

Inherently, heavy Body-on-Frame-Ladder-Chassis have lower mileage as oppose to monocoque construction.


Fuel preference

As per 2017 data, small cars are predominantly petrol and as body size increases, buyers opt for diesel engine. Looking at petrol mileage of UV, no wonder most of the buyers want to keep their UVs on strict diesel diet.

All Hatchbacks

All Sedan

All Utility Vehicles

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