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Best Money Making Cars of 2017!

Yes Sales Numbers is important, But Revenue is more important! 

It is not only the absolute sales that matter, but the $$$$s generated by the particular product is also important. We have come up with the list of models who have generated highest revenue in 2017. Maruti Suzuki dominates this list with 5 models in top 10, however, there are some interesting observations. Despite sheer numbers, Alto doesn’t feature in top 5 and Innova with around ~72K sales stands at the second position! Another interesting one on the list is The Toyota Fortuner, its total dominance in a low volume premium SUV segment ensured its position.

Lets look at the numbers:

Each model featured in this list has left an impact in the auto sector. Market share numbers of these models and the complete dominance in respective segment justifies the sales revenue generated.

Let us look at how these featured models stand in their segment –

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