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Best Selling Car of 2019 – Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto had been the undisputed best seller in India until 2018; when the sibling Dzire overthrew Alto from the Top spot to gain the Numero Uno status. 2018 was the era when we had predicted the Indian consumers preference shifting from small cars to bigger (with better value proposition) cars. Dzire had actually surpassed Alto’s 13 years dominance in the Pole position at 2018! However; Alto had an excellent comeback in 2019 and regained the Best Selling Car status. Alto outsold the Dzire by ~10k units and had a clear lead.

First let’s see the Top 10 cars list of 2018 (detailed article – here) –

  1. Top 10 cars of 2018 had 7 Maruti Models & 3 from Hyundai

  2. All models in the list had sold over 1 Lakh units in the Calendar Year 2018

  3. No Vans category model fared in the Top 10

Lets see how things changed in 2019 –

  1. Similar to 2018 – 7 models belonging to Maruti Suzuki & 3 models from Hyundai fared in the Top 10 list

  2. 9 out of 10 Models sold >1 Lakh units. 10th Ranked Creta sold just 264 units lesser than 10k mark in the CY2019

  3. Maruti Eeco made an entry to the Top 10 list owing to the demise of Omni. Celerio too was ousted from the Top 10 cars list.

  4. Will a Non-Maruti or Non-Hyundai model make an entry in 2020 Top 10 cars list?


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