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Best Selling Cars for January to March 2021

We have compiled the list of Top 31 Selling Cars in the Indian market for January 2021 to March 2021 (Q1 CY2021) in this post.

  • Top 31 products contributed 87% of market share

  • List is extended to 31 rank to include Nissan Magnite, which shows what a successful product can do to a company

  • Out of 4 P’s of marketing, Nissan finally has got 2P’s –product and pricing - right this time

  • Despite wafer-thin dealership network, it is selling 3,000 units a month and turn around the fortune of the near-dead brand

  • Out of the other 2 P’s –Promotion and Place (dealership network) – later is critical to sustaining success story

  • Top 10 is still dominated by 8 Maruti Products

  • High volume Tata Products are within the top 20 rank this time

  • Despite being expensive, Toyota Innova is doing pretty well now

  • Creta still continues to being the highest revenue grossing product in the PV industry


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