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Best Selling Compact SUVs of October 2018

This segment has seen major upward movement in the past decade. Even in Oct’18; the segment grew by a whopping 39% when compared to Oct’17.

While Ecosport was the one which identified the true potential of the segment; Brezza redefined volumes here! Many other entrants (likes of WRV, TUV, Quanto, Nuvosport) tried to get a pie in the segment and still trying to do so. Even Tata ventured in with Nexon and was pretty successful here. However; the competition is going to be much more fiercer with Hyundai entering the segment and Mahindra introducing a new model (S201).

Let’s look at the Best 5 selling cars in the segment for Oct’18 –

Nexon again overtakes Ecosport to seal the No.2 spot in Oct’18! Nexon has slowly gained volumes and is maintaining the ~4.5k sales trend month on month. Even WRV gained significant volumes in Oct’18 and registered a sales of 3,253 units v/s 2,421 units sold in Sep’18. The YoY performance of the models in the segment is as mentioned –


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