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Bottom 25 selling cars of FY2020

While we have posted the Top 25 selling cars previously; we were also intrigued by the bottom 25 selling cars of FY2020 (Apr’19-Mar’20). In overall, the bottom 25 selling models could cumulatively sell only 9,294 units in the entire fiscal year! Do note that these models had collectively sold 23,960 units and the overall YoY degrowth was a monumental -61%. This means; that the brand value of these models would have diminished exponentially and in a long term could also face chances of discontinuation. Also note that the list may include newly launched models (like Vellfire, ZS, Kona, etc) and Niche/Premium models whose volumes typically shall be low.

  1. OEM-wise Bottom 25 selling models list: Toyota had the highest 6 models in the list; Hyundai, Nissan & Fiat had 3 each.

  2. Toyota’s models which took the beating last year primarily was Corolla which degrew hefty -71% in FY20 v/s FY19. It was eventually discontinued by the end of FY20. Prius was the least selling nameplate of FY20 and sold a meager 1 unit in the entire FY2020. In fact; it has sold just 20 units since 2011! Like all Toyota models; even Prius had got great initial response and had sold 134 units in year 2010 alone. However; the volumes faded owing to changing policies of the government and the high cost of the model.

  3. Hyundai’s premium models like Elantra & Tucson too faced the brunt and degrew -41% & -55% respectively. Both the models were due for the makeover and the next gen models are slated for launch in FY21.

  4. Nissan’s already low selling models faded to even more lower volumes in FY20. Micra nameplate sold only 746 units in the entire FY and registered YoY drop of -71%. Nissan’s Terrano was the least selling model for FY20 and is now discontinued!

  5. All 3 Fiat models in the list are discontinued now.

  6. Tata had only 1 model in the list – Bolt which could sell only 261 units in the entire FY and degrew -84% v/s previous FY.


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