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Ceat opened a first-ever women-only store in Bhatinda, Punjab!

Ceat Limited, an Indian tyre company that has been at work since 1924 has made a huge gesture towards the women of our country and their empowerment by giving them an equal opportunity at work and employment in a male-dominated industry. Ceat has accomplished this by opening a first ever women only store in Bhatinda, Punjab. Ceat also plans to open ten more such stores across the nation in the upcoming months.

Ceat Shoppe All-Women Store

These stores will be all-women managed tyre stores whom Ceat aims to train to help understand operations of the different machines used to change a tyre, balancing a tyre and also training on how to service a vehicle. When interviewed, Amit Tolani, the CMO of Ceat quoted- “All Women CEAT Shoppe is an industry-first initiative that reiterates our commitment to allowing women to grow and make a mark in the tyre Industry, a predominantly male-driven business. The initiative will not only provide financial stability to the women but also inspire many others to join this industry.”

In addition, he also highlighted - “Ceat recognises the value of gender diversity at the workplace. We have been offering equal and fair opportunities to women in every field including our manufacturing plants. From shop-floor engineers to leadership roles, CEAT has a diversified female workforce. They take up challenging jobs and grow in their respective fields.”


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