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Could Scorpio’s new commercial been better?

The new ad shows the mighty muscular saving the day! That too in the night 😉 It is first time the brand has not emphasized on the ‘Nothing else will do’ philosophy. The ad is more focused on projecting the off-roading traits of the car and shouts of being the bully to the sports coupe. Storyline does not have anything new to offer and is very predictable! The shots are badly taken and the light projected from the headlamps seem all animated. This is what I’m talking about –

The ad looks something like this (Director’s cut) –

Mahindra Scorpio’s ad have always been famous for its flashy, flamboyant style and had a certain amount of class in it. The brand communication was very clear – “a vehicle of class over substance” and made it a car of desire rather than a mode of transportation. Who could forget this ad –

However, we love to see the TVC from the brand after a longgg time and wished to have retained the ‘Nothing else will do’ philosophy. Lets hope the Scorpio fans love the ad and the ad helps the brand get more fans 🙂


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