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Creta, i10, Venue & i20 contribute more than 77% of Hyundai's Sales in July'21.

Indian Car industry this year grew by a staggering 86.36% over the previous year till July. In terms of units sold, we saw 18,72,129 units in total.

The volume growth came from both the big OEMs like Maruti, Hyundai & Tata and also smaller OEMs like Nissan, VW & MG.

Hyundai in particular grew by 82.44%, which was below the industry growth percentage. At the same time, Hyundai also lost Market Share by 0.37% and closed January to July Market share at 17.03%

Especially with respect to July Hyundai volumes grew by 25.8% and the growth was about 9,842 units. Hyundai's new and old launches have contributed handsomely.

  • The month of July registered a volume of 48,042 against 38,200 for Hyundai. The July stand-alone growth stood at 25.76%.

  • Models like: Xcent/Aura increased their volume and contribution to the total numbers. And the new Launch Alcazar sold about 3001 units, which contributed to about 6.25% of the total sales of Hyundai India.

  • With the advent of the new model dispatches, the contribution from i20/Venue/i10 and Creta to the total volume of Hyundai has decreased

  • Three Models registered degrowth: Verna, Kona & Elantra. The number of degrowth was marginal in single digits for Kona and Elantra.

  • Creta touched the 13k dispatch figures with a growth of about 1451 units. i10 was almost close to the 10k mark and reached a dispatch volume of 9,379 units with a growth of 1011 units. The venue had the second-highest, growth with a volume of 8,185 units, it grew by 1451 units.

With the newly launched Alcazar kicking in volumes and the dream run of Creta continuing, Hyundai is well-positioned to dominate the SUV turf. Though, recently on the total UV volume front, it has been facing a lot of competition from MSIL. But, the UV segments in which Hyundai has its cars, have lesser competition for them. However, the hatchback segment remains an area where customers would love to have more offerings from Hyundai.


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