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Electric, Hybrid, Petrol and Diesel Cars Sales for February 2021

We were as always first and were 100% accurate with the wholesale car Data of February'21.

We thank our readers for their patronage and feedback, which is the sole reason for doing this article on fuel type analysis.

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The Indian Car Market has primarily four Fuel types.

  1. Petrol

  2. Electric

  3. Diesel

  4. Hybrid

We currently have about 14 OEM's who play in the Mass market segment. Of course, the market leaders are known to all: Maruti Suzuki, followed by Hyundai and then Tata motors and so on... However, when we dive into the fuel type analysis, we get interesting insights.

Modelwise Fuel Type Sales for Feb'21-


  • Mahindra is the market leader for Diesel Fuel type.

  • Tata Motors continues to dominate the electric car market segment.

  • Toyota is the only player in the pure Hybrid segment with Camry

  • Maruti of course is the dominant rank1 in the petrol segment.


  • About 16.7% of the Indian Car volumes were Diesel Cars.

  • Toyota despite a higher portfolio of MSIL, is the Rank 3 OEM in the Diesel Segment.

  • Kia outperforms Tata Motors in the diesel segment.

  • Hyundai is a stable Rank 2 in diesel as well

  • Hyundai Creta, Toyota Innova and Mahindra Bolero are the top 3 performers in the Diesel segment.


  • Petrol continues to dominate the highest market share of total auto volumes

  • Mahindra has a 13% share, which is the weakest petrol portfolio

  • Swift, Baleno and Wagon R have the podium finish of top-selling models.

  • Hyundai is a stable rank2 in the petrol portfolio.


  • The Electric fuel type is of course dominated by Tata Motors.

  • We have 3 players currently: HYUNDAI, MG, and Tata motors.

  • Hyundai has the weakest volume of only 10

  • MG ZS EV has 204 volumes

  • Nexon is the highest-selling EV with 427 numbers.


  • Not much to mention, since the entire industry had only 1 OEM and 1 car selling Hybrid. It was Camry with 15 numbers.

The total Industry trend divides itself primarily into petrol and diesel. One should not forget a huge chunk of MSIL volume come from the dual fuel type of Petrol+CNG.

Electric cars continue to slowly grasp volumes. But have a challenging road ahead.


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