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F1 Raises Excitement Among Fans with its Contenders for 2021!

Formula 1, in the past week, had a few car launches in store for us enthusiasts. In the latest season of F1, all of the contenders are preparing day and night to grab a spot on the podiums. This preparation could be seen when the various teams started with the launches of their respective cars for the Formula 1 2021 season.

McLaren MCL35M

McLaren, was the first one to get the fan’s excitement soaring as they launched their car – The MCL35M. This was then followed by other teams like AlphaTauri who revealed their AT02 and Alfa Romeo who flaunted their C41 race-car.

There were three other teams that gave information about the launch dates of their cars which included Red Bull Honda, Alpine and Aston who would be launching their cars on the 23rd of February, 2nd March and the 3rd of March 2021 respectively. The only team maintaining the element of surprise as of now is Haas who haven’t confirmed a date for the launch of their car yet.

At a meeting of the Formula 1 Commission, with the FIA, Formula 1, the teams and the power unit manufacturers, a suggestion to halt power unit developments from 2022 had been agreed by all unanimously. With this decision, Red Bull and AlphaTauri had agreed to utilise Honda power units until the end of 2024.

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Not much changed for 2021 in all F1 cars except McLaren that gets Mercedes engine this season. There are some regulatory floor changes in all cars. Real challenge is for Ferrari to show some power to save face after a dismal 2020.

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