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Fuel Type Sales Analysis - Maruti Suzuki

The market leader seems to have a different thought on the Market. MSIL continues to believe that the Petrol engine is the way forward.

If not petrol, it's dual-fuel type, that is the CNG+Petrol fuel type that they would put their money on.

  • Currently, the company doesn't have any portfolio in the diesel segment.

  • Also, it is currently not convinced by the readiness of the Indian market for EV car volume. MSIL continues to put its money on CNG and other Hybrid fuel types.

  • All 15 cars in the Nexa and Arena channel are sold with the petrol engine.

  • The CNG however, has a strong contribution to their total portfolio. And attracts good attention in certain markets of Delhi, Mumbai, and other metros with CNG fuel types.


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