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Global Auto Market Springing up post-pandemic

After China, the US even the European car market have started surging from the sharp deceleration of the auto market during the beginning of 2020 in the pandemic. Though the demands have increased, the market is still fragile.

The fickleness of the COVID 19 course in the upcoming months has tended many doubts in the long-term confidence over this emergence of the auto market.

Some auto analysts depict this as a result of the restrained sale during the lockdown while others believe it to be because of the shift in consumer habit. Before COVID 19, people had heartfully relied on public transportation and car-sharing services but in wake of this infection, they are avoiding the crowd in their commutation.

The research group named GlobalData had expected the sale of 2020 to fall 16 % in comparison to sales in 2019. It forecasts the auto sale to escalate in 2021 but reaching the growth chart that was prior to the pandemic is proposed not until 2023, and that too under a market scenario that would be tangled with risks.


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