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Hexa sells lesser than Xylo in Apr’19!

One may be surprised by the way Hexa’s volumes are tapering down. Hexa’s launch was important for Tata Motors to showcase its comeback and prove to the world on how Tata Cars quality has improved and also offer a challenging alternative to Innova. Though it received positive media reviews and customer feedback; the age old Tata design and doubt on quality levels never allowed Hexa to perform as per expectations. The launch of much aggressive looking Harrier in the same price bracket now proves to be fatal for the model. The dealer & OEM focus is now on promoting the freshly launched Harrier than the Capable Off-roader / Family-mover Hexa. While Hexa averaged 629 units/month in FY19; the volumes shot down to 288 units in Apr’19.

Ertiga goes for the kill! Marazzo volumes drop below 2k units after 7 months. The refreshed avatar of Ertiga is doing extremely well and has created new records for Maruti Suzuki. After delivering all time highest volume of 8,955 units in Mar’19; it managed to cross 8k figures in Apr’19 too (8,087 units to be precise). On the other hand, Marazzo is slowly losing its volumes. The Apr’19 volumes of Marazzo fell -38% when compared to Mar’19! Mahindra needs to immediately rejig its strategy to counter attack Ertiga and ensure it sells 3k units/month.


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