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Hyundai beats Maruti to become Rank1 SUV OEM for this Year 2021. Kia, Mahindra & Tata come next.

Analysis Period: January 2021 to May 2021

The SUV segment in India registered a volume of about 5,29,643 units. against last year's volume of about 2,19,408. This was a growth of about 3,10,235 units, which was about 141% better than last year January 2020 to May 2020.

These are exciting times since we all had started the new Calendar year very aggressively and were looking forward to a full-throttle start. of course, OEMs still struggle to get their production quantities right, due to the lockdowns and chip shortage. They continue to work on the supply constraints and things are bound to get better from here on.

In the UV segment, we had only 14 OEMs participating. Of course, this is the fastest-growing segment in India where all new launches in the past 18 months have been in this segment.

  • Hyundai registered a volume of 1,09,172 units. Which was a growth of about 67,105 units. The next Volume came in from Maruti which slipped from Rank1 Last year to Rank2 this year. Maruti Registered a volume of about 99,267 units, which was a growth of 45,839 units.

  • The highest growth came from Nissan with a growth of 12,705 units. It almost increased its volumes 12 Times. Honda also managed to increase its volume 4 times to 4,592 units.

  • Since the UV segment grew by 141.40%. OEMs like Kia and Mahindra, which are primarily playing this field, have grown slower than the segment growth. Clearly, they are stepping down the steam on this turf.

  • Hyundai ruled the top 10 segments with Rank 1 and 2 coming from Hyundai. Followed by Maruti Brezza in Rank 3. Kia managed to get the Rank 4 with Selots and Rank5 with Sonet. Tata's compact SUV offering came in at rank 6. Mahindra had only 2 cars in the top 10, with Bolero and Scorpio. Ford's eco sport came in 10th with 15,247 units.


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