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Hyundai is betting big on Diesels and almost 23% of its sales came from Diesel variants in Feb'21!

Hyundai is now India's second-largest manufacturer of Diesel Cars after Mahindra! Hyundai diesel cars contributed almost 23% of the overall Diesel cars sold in India for February 2021.

The Modelwise Fuel Mix for Hyundai India in Feb'21 was -

Hyundai Motors is one of the few OEMs that has all fuel types as a focus area for itself. For the month of February Hyundai has had a high contribution to petrol at 77% penetration. Diesel variants have 23% penetration. Electric car penetration is come down. A total of only 10 Kona were sold in the month of February 2021.

Does this mean, Hyundai has slowed down on Electric?

Definitely, not with the current public interviews of the top delegates of Hyundai, it has been made very clear that they would be strongly present in all fuel types.


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