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Hyundai+Kia combined beat Maruti & Dominate the fastest growing Indian car segment: SUV for April'21

The SUV segment in India registered a volume of more than 1 lakh units. In total, they scored about 1,14,097 units.

This was exciting times since we all had started the new Financial year and were looking forward to a full-throttle start. of course, OEMs still struggle to get their production quantities right. They are working on the supplier constraints, rising input costs, and the chip shortage has still not got sorted globally.

In the UV segment, we had only 13 OEMs participating. Of course, this is the fastest-growing segment in India where all new launches the past 18 months have been in this segment.

  • Stand-alone Maruti Registered a volume of 24,578 ( excluding the MPV Ertiga and Eeco). The volumes stood at 24,578 numbers. Close on Maruti's heels was Hyundai which has narrowed down the gap drastically.

  • Hyundai registered a volume of 23,825 numbers in April 2021. Which was another month of strong performance by the YTD UV leader. to this Add the volume of Kia ( HYUNDAI'S SIBLING) which sold 16,111 numbers.

  • Together they had about 35% market share and grabbed the number 1 spot in the Indian Auto Industry.

  • Hyundai registered a UV market share of 20,88% and Kia added another 14.12% to the partnership. In total, they were about 35% the market leader by far.

  • The closest was Maruti 21.54%, something the OEM is not used. Being pushed to rank 2 by the combo of Hyundai+Kia.

  • Mahindra which was once the market leader came after Maruti in the rankings at a 15.79% market share. followed by Tata at 8.91%

With the race heating up in the fastest-growing segment in India, the SUV segment is going to be exciting for the rest of the year as well. We have more than 14 new cars+refresh expected to be launched in this segment.

For now, Hyundai+ Kia has their nose ahead. but, watch out for new launches+refresh from Mahindra and Maruti sharping its axe towards the end of the year with exciting UV offerings.


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