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Indian Automotive Print Ads

Print advertisements that made the difference!

Astonishingly you wouldn’t find any non-Indian OEM’s ad in the list. The understanding of the Indian customer by the Indian Auto makers has made the cut. Majority of the ads in the countdown have made their respective brands a cult of their time and is still admired by many. With time; TV has overtaken Print as the preferred media for the Auto makers and thus the quality of creativity in print ads have deteriorated. Print is now being used by OEM’s only to dissipate monthly schemes.

The list starts –

1. Tata Safari :

2. Mahindra Scorpio :

3. Tata Indica (Launch ads) :

Image SOURCE : Team-BHP

4. Tata Nano :

5. Maruti Omni & Esteem (B&W) :

6. Premier Padmini :

7. The Best saved for the last (Mahindra Classic) :

Now that we have re-kindled some old memories, we would want the Auto OEMs to focus on applying their creative instincts back on print ads and hence make their brands immortal in our memory pool. We at Management Punditz strongly feel that print advertisements is an area untouched by foriegn brands and needs immediate attention.

NOTE: Our readers can click on the images to enlarge it to full size.


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