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Indian Automotive Retail Figures – January 2019

FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations) released the January 2019 Vehicle Registrations statistics. Pl note that these are the vehicle registration data (delivery of Invoiced vehicles from dealers to end customers) and clearly indicates the vehicle sales movement. Otherwise we have always been tracking the vehicle offtake data (billing of vehicles from OEM to authorized dealers). As usual; we thank FADA for publishing the retail data and providing much realistic data about the actual sales of vehicles.

As seen above; all categories (PVs, 2Ws, 3Ws and CVs) saw positive sales growth — with total sales touching 15,65,150 units and the overall automotive industry a growth of 8.5 percent.

The passenger vehicle (PV) retail sales in the month was 2,71,395 units which was +34% MoM, compared to 202,585 units in December 2018. All thanks to the extensive discounts offered by all OEMs as part of liquidation of year end stocks. Do note that the OEMs have spiked up the discounts in the past 2 months for gaining traction.

Ashish Kale, president of FADA had released a statement mentioning, “As predicted, healthy inquiry levels seen in December finally showed signs of conversions with the year-end offers continuing in January, especially by PV OEMs which has helped the customer in making the final purchase. Consumers interest, which had remained buoyant has slowly but surely started converting to sales in better percentages. Although all the sectors on a monthly basis have shown signs of positive growth, 2W growth rates are not at a healthy high and are seen positive due to a huge de-growth in December. CV growth is flat and has substantially dropped from the high growth rate it had maintained through year to date.”


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