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KIA beats Tata Motors in Diesel Fuel type sales for Feb'21!

Tata Motors has climbed up the rankings of late. From a late rank 5 to the current podium finish at rank 3.

Kia, on the other hand, is a strong challenger, it has not only outpaced many other long-time OEMs.

Both have a set of new launches which have been well accepted by the market. Both have healthy volumes with the cars. Tata Motors has 6 cars in its portfolio whereas Kia has 3 in its portfolio.

  • In total if we look at the volumes Tata Motors had a volume of 27,224. Whereas Kia had a volume of 16,702.

  • However, if we look at Diesel fuel type. Kia has outperformed Tata Motors with a volume of 6,947 numbers against Tata Motors' volume of 5,922.

  • On the petrol front, Tata has done well and better than Kia.

The models that helped Kia outperform :

Kia's Sonet and Seltos have contributed more than 3,000 each, this has helped them outperform TML in the Diesel Segment.


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