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Kia India Almost Doubles its volumes this year. Delivers 98.41% Growth.


Kia had made its India debut back in 2019 as Kia Motor India and Seltos was its debut product at the time. ... In around a year and a half since starting operations here, Kia has emerged as the fourth most sold car brand and the fastest carmaker to achieve 2,50,000 sales figures in the country

  • Kia registered a volume of 82,019 units from January 2021 to May 2021. The growth was about 98%, which was almost double the last year's volume. The growth volume stood at 40,681

  • One would argue that last year Kia had only 1 model in the same time period, but you cannot take it away from Kia, that in a market where all OEMs have launched products back to back, very few were successful to the extend of Kia.

  • The volume growth seems consistent on a month on Month Basis. Every month we have witnessed consistent growth in Kia's Volumes. Unlike many OEM's Kia has managed to handle the supply constraints and lockdowns much better. Of course, the zero wholesale of LY April has helped propel the growth volumes for Kia.

  • On a closer look, Kia managed to handle the lockdown period of May in a very healthy manner, many OEMs struggled with the production, but Kia managed to get consistent volumes from all of its' models in May and managed to clock the 11k+ volumes mark.

  • The growth trend seems more consistent and averages around the 98% mark for the year to date. With the new launches planned shortly for Kia, the growth is surely and firmly going to grow from here on. One would have to sit back and look at the success journey of Kia in the Indian market, especially when many have entered and not been able to make a mark in the Indian Market, Kia has managed to displace established players like Mahindra and others in the rankings.


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