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Petrol v/s Diesel Cars Sales in India for Feb'21

Maruti Suzuki which is now a predominantly Petrol-only car manufacturer was the No.1 Petrol Car OEM and Mahindra emerged as the No.1 Diesel Car OEM for February 2021.

We had recently showcased the rising trend of Petrol cars since 2014 in our article (here). The trend is going stronger every passing month and now Petrol models contribute over 83% of overall car sales in India! Maruti Suzuki is leading the trend and currently has its entire portfolio being driven by Petrol-only engines. However; there are OEMs that are betting big on diesel and driving volumes as well (Mahindra, Hyundai, Toyota, Kia etc).

Let us see the Fuel Mix Sales OEM wise for February 2021 -

  • India's biggest carmaker Maruti Suzuki has only petrol models in its portfolio and is completely dependant on a single Fuel Type.

  • Almost 22.6% of Hyundai's sold in Feb'21 had a diesel engine. Hyundai was also India's second-largest Diesel Car OEM (was next to M&M in terms of volumes). The diesel sales came primarily from the SUVs (Creta & Venue).

  • We expect Tata's diesel volumes to rise with the launch of Safari. Tata has 2 Diesel-only models in its portfolio - Harrier & Safari.

  • Diesel models contributed to almost 42% of Kia India's volumes. Kia has been able to successfully leverage Diesel models and build up volumes in the Indian market. Do note that the upcoming entrants in the segment (Skoda Kushaq / VW Taigun, etc) will not have the diesel advantage!

  • Mahindra is still Diesel dependant and over 87% of its volumes came in from the Diesel models!

  • Thanks to Maruti rebadged models; Toyota's dependence on Diesel models has lowered over time and ~57% of its sales came from Diesel variants.

  • Even having an SUV-only portfolio; MG has significant sales coming from the Petrol variants!


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