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Petrol vs Diesel vs Electric vs CNG vs Hybrid Cars Sales in India - 2021

Maruti rules in the Petrol and CNG cars sales. However; Tata's portfolio was the most balanced with a combination of Petrol, Diesel, and Electric models last year. Tata Motors strengthened its hold with the launch of CNG models in January 2022 and sold over 3,000 units of Tiago CNG and Tigor CNG in the first month itself!

  • Maruti has diversified its fuel mix portfolio by substituting diesel with CNG (14%) - for certain models

  • Tata’s electric mix has reached to 4% level, all due to strong intent and efforts

  • Hyundai’s diesel mix stabilized around 24% and CNG mix reached 7.4%

  • MG’s electric mix reached 7%, showing good potential for BEV in the near term

  • Toyota’s petrol mix is coming from rebadged Maruti products (Urban Cruiser & Glanza)

  • Jeep’s diesel mix came down to 54% (60% in 2020)

  • KIA’s diesel mix is stable at around 44%

  • New 2L mStallion petrol engine on Thar and XUV 700 has pushed Mahindra’s fuel mix to 21% (12% in 2020)

  • Honda’s diesel volume is too low to sustain, without a proper SUV/Crossover

Body style Fuel Mix Analysis -

  • Small diesel engine demand in the hatchback segment is nearing its end

  • CNG is gaining presence in hatchback, sedan and MUV segment

  • Toyota and KIA accounts for 16% diesel mix in MUV segment, rest is either petrol or CNG

  • The rise in small monocoque crossover products have increased petrol dominance in SUV/Crossover segment

Size/Lengthwise Fuel Mix Analysis -

  • As vehicle size increases, diesel become the obvious choice of fuel, due to higher efficiency and lower cost of running

  • Sub 4m segment is dominated by petrol mix followed by CNG now

Chassis Frame wise Fuel Mix Analysis -

  • Diesel is the choice of fuel for body-on-frame chassis vehicles due to weight factor

  • For monocoque chassis - petrol is the highly preferred choice


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