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Premium Hatchbacks Sales Analysis – September 2020

Premium Hatchbacks sales increased a phenomenal 51% YoY while the Industry YoY growth was 31%! It was backed by strong sales performance from Baleno & Altroz.

  1. Baleno was India’s second best selling car for September 2020 and was the segment leader in premium hatches. The model sales shot up 70% YoY and sold close to 20k units.

  2. Surprisingly the rebadged Glanza volumes saw a dip – It degrew -7% YoY and could sell only 2,572 units in Sep’20 v/s 2,773 units sold in Sep’19. It is difficult to understand on how the same model fares well when sold from Arena dealerships while it struggles from Toyota dealerships.

  3. Hyundai i20 still sells in good numbers even though the next gen i20 launch is on the cards. Hyundai is offering discounts upto Rs.75,000 to liquidate the model and the strategy seems working as of now.

  4. The Altroz sales have shot up quite significantly and it recorded its all time highest volumes in September 2020! The model is marketed rightly as India’s safest hatchback and has also got a lot of attention from promoting it on the ongoing IPL. Hope the momentum continues.


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