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PV Industry expected to grow double digits in FY22 - Tata Motors

Tata Motors with the new launches and the renewed energy under its wings is very buoyant in the auto industry and doing well in the PV sector.

"There is a momentum which continues on the demand side because of the shift towards personal mobility. That will remain till everybody gets vaccinated. We don't know when everyone will get vaccinated," Tata Motors President – Passenger Vehicle Business Unit Mr. Shailesh Chandra told PTI.

This comes as a great positive push towards better performance when the rest of the people are raising their eyebrows with regards to the increasing fuel costs. Not only fuel costs, but the increasing commodity prices also remain a challenge. Not to forget that the supply constrain the industry is currently facing.

Tata Motors also said it expects its performance this upcoming fiscal to be better than the Industry itself. With Leadership established in the Electric Vehicle segment and a host of new launches, Tata Motors seems to have hit the right notes in terms of regaining its stronghold in the PV segment.

With the new Safari launch, Tata Motors now covers all segments of the PV industry. They have marked a strong presence in the Entry level, Premium Hatchback, Compact SUV, Premium SUV and Sedan.

One can only say, that the Tata Motors regaining rank 3 is a great sign for the Indian OEM and should the run continue it will the top long time top 2 ranked OEM’s [ Hyundai and Maruti ] a tough challenge in days to come.


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