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Report Card – 2019 Car Sales India

2018 Car Sales Statistics can be found – here

We strive to present extensive analysis of the Indian Automotive Market and have been doing the same for quite some years. While the anticipation of the monthly sales analysis has been the highest; we believe that the yearly statistics presents a much clearer picture of the business scenario. If you refer the 2018 car sales statistics (as per the link shared above) – Only 5 out of the 12 OEMs had projected YoY decline (Honda, Nissan, Renault, Skoda & VW). Though the YoY growth was just 5%; the Industry was still brimming with hope and was upbeat for growth. In 2019 – Only 1 OEM could project a YoY Growth (Renault) and rest all OEMs saw a YoY decline! The Industry fared much worse than anyone could have expected and is still at a very concerning stage. Let’s see how the OEMs and its models fared in 2019 –

OEM-wise Sales Snapshot –

Modelwise Car Sales Figures for 2019 v/s 2018 –

Top 25 selling models of the year 2019 are –


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