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Sales of Hatches, MUVs & Cross in June’18

Hatches win matches! – Yes, this rule holds true in the Indian Automotive space for the OEMs. Maruti has been successful with this strategy since day 1 and is still holding it’s fort. Even Hyundai has grown to this proportions with the success of its erstwhile Santro (which is planned to be relaunched), i10/Grand. Renault’s baby Kwid did big wonders to the company and even Tiago has elevated Tata to the No.3 Spot in the Top OEMs!

Let’s see how the hatches fared in June’18 –

Best selling hatches of June’18

  1. Swift overtook Alto sales by over 100 units and was also the second best selling car of June’18

  2. Grand i10 has now become the third best selling Hyundai and sells lesser than Creta/i20!!!

  3. Tiago’s YoY growth was an impressive 53% and it’s evident that the hatch is more accepted than its rivals Celerio/Kwid.

Premium Hatchback Sales in June’18 –

  1. Baleno with a YoY growth of 97% is the undoubted champion in the segment

  2. i20 stands the test of time and still easily sells >10k units per month

  3. Polo has now become an enthusiasts car and the numbers are limited accordingly

  4. Jazz facelift is expected to be launched in July’17. Can it work wonders similar to the New Amaze?

Cross-Hatch sales in June’18 –

  1. It is now a virtually dying segment and the volumes are consistently sloping down. However, Ford has made a bold move with Freestyle and what works for Freestyle is the ‘pricing’. Hope it continues to do more than 2.5k units average/month to sustain itself.

MUV sales in June’18 –

  1. The most expensive offering in the segment is also the Best selling car in the segment! It is seldom this kind of scenario is seen in any category. However, only Toyota has the mettle to do so!

  2. New Ertiga launch is on the cards and shall improve the sales even further for the marque.

  3. Hexa sales is well below 1000 nos and is not as expected by the brand.


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