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SUV Sales for June 2018

SUVs have been a craze in the Indian Passenger Vehicle space and almost all OEMs have an offering in the segment. To highlight the significance of the SUV segment – Kia & MG are planning to launch their first product on the Indian soil which shall be a SUV! Also though the overall Passenger cars sales grew by 37% in June’18; the SUV sales were up by an hefty 63!

As usual, value matters the most in the segment – Ex: Creta sold more than the much cheaper & smaller Brezza; similarly Fortuner & Endeavor sold more than the cheaper Captur! No wonder the Creta sibling shall be launched by Kia as Tusker (SP Concept) as their first model in the portfolio.

Let’s see the Top sellers in the Compact SUV & SUV space –

Best selling Compact SUVs

  1. Brezza stands unbeatable in the segment and has made Maruti as a formidable player in the SUV space

  2. Nexon overtook Ecosport & WRV to become the second best selling car in the Compact SUV segment

  3. Even with TUV Plus, the overall sales for the marque was only 1811 units

Best Selling SUVs

  1. The New Creta is now consistently on the Top 2 selling cars in the Hyundai’s portfolio!

  2. S-Cross sales has jumped pretty significantly post the facelift and has now settled between 4-4.5k units

  3. Compass sells more than the Duster – another example of how the consumers perceive value!

  4. Tiguan sales have shot up – No specific reason on how it’s happened.


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